Presa de astăzi De câțiva ani, presa ne tot anunță că locuitorii din Deveselu s-au apucat de cursuri de engleză, ca să-i întîmpine pe soldații americani pe limba lor. Pentru că profesorii de engleză sînt, de obicei, scumpi și rușinoși, Kamikaze e aici pentru deveseleni. Mai jos aveți un mini-dicționar oltenesc-englez care conține absolut toate mesajele pur românești pe care sătenii din Deveselu ar vrea să le transmită americanilor.

Expresii folositoare:

Fifty for the short, one hundred for the normal Do you want to cut you with the sword? What is it with all these farts on you? Give me one beer and two smalls Come to my place to show you my stamps collection Ten lei for a battery of girl in the grass Do you want some leek with that cake?


The bathroom is in the cornfield Ionela fucks for a Coke and a fried chicken leg Gina from the buffet makes beak in the backyard. Watch it, because she put her period in your soup! (doar pentru gay) Vasile, the village’s sheppard, burns himself in his pumpkin

Proverbe și înțelepciuni românești:

Georgeta made me from man non-man, when I piss I lean against the tree You fuck, you don’t fuck, the time of the dick passes The dick has no shoulders Wander dogs with cracknels in tail The dick doesn’t know book He put the candy on the funeral-cake It’s not the sheep’s business from where the horse drinks water The dogs are barking, the bear is walking

Glumițe de socializare:

Pull me by the little finger (and then fart) Come to the river to show you what a poor man’s dick means Can I hold your gun while you take that piss? Curly-haired, mother of yours is home? He has gone in the dick with the satellite We have guns, we have knives, but shields dick


Go in your mother’s sun Fuck your mother’s onion I fuck you in your ass on your mother Oral sex Mititelu Take my lamb to the wrestle Pull my tomcat by the ears


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